Hello, everyone, and welcome to my website! I can tell Spring is happening, tiny green shoots of everything around me are coming forth each day, and the squirrels are more demanding than ever ! Over the holidays I bought some unshelled pecans, walnuts and filberts and last week snuck some into the squirrels’ little goodie basket instead of their ever-present peanuts. They did not like the change - no, sirree, they lobbed those nuts right back at me!

Some of us are the same way - we encounter something that’s not exactly what we had in mind, and without much looking into it, we assume it’s too tough a nut for us to crack, so we hand it back and often pass up a great opportunity. Not to worry, opportunities come again and again...and again...and will continue to come until we wise up and see them for what they are. So easy, so often, to focus so intently on the minor troubles in our life, and to magnify them by our undying attention to them. It’s tough not to focus on the troubles in our lives, when it’s right in front of us, but know that it is possible and we do have a choice with every new moment of every new day.

We have the choice in every moment to focus on what is going wrong in our lives, or to focus on what’s going right with our lives. If there’s nothing going right in our life right now, we have the choice to focus on, and imagine, and daydream about what it is we’d rather have going on in our lives. What we focus on we bring into our lives. It doesn’t matter if we’re focusing on something real and tangible, or if we’re focusing on a subjective thought or fantasy of the perfect life, the Universe will deliver to us whatever we’re focused on. And we know it works by what we’re living right now. We’re living right now every event and circumstance that is ours by right of consciousness. Like it? Do more of the same. Don’t like it? Well, decide what you’d like instead and begin to focus on that. Call me with any questions on this easy process.

That’s one of my intentions for 2017. Ease, taking it easy. This will be a year of the E’s. Ease, Release, releasing old ideas and notions that served me well in the past but serve me no longer. Relief, relieving any areas of tension. Receive, opening to receiving more of the good the Universe has to offer me. Retrieve, taking back my power in areas I may have set it aside for whatever reason. Breathe, breathing easier now that I’m taking it easy, now that I’m releasing old ideas, now that I’m relieving tension, now that I’m receiving more fully, now that I’m retrieving my power.

Yes, breathing much easier now. Receiving much more fully now. Yes, Springtime, a time of renewal and rejuvenation - breathe it all in. Go out in nature and soak it all up. Renew yourself in nature this month. Notice all the tiny new growth, and notice the progress your own baby steps have brought you, and appreciate the wonderful being that you now are. That you are now becoming. In 2017, for my Year of E’s, I intend to become more kind and loving to everyone I meet, because, after all, you never know when you’ll be unknowingly entertaining angels!
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